A calm down jar is a must-have in my classroom. But, a calm down bottle with glitter?!? Now you even have me sitting down and staring at the bottle with “oooohs” and “aaahhhhs.” These bottles can be made in many different ways, but they all serve the same purpose: to help students calm down from an extreme emotion they are feeling at the time and to create mindfulness. These calm down bottles can also be called sensory jars, glitter jars, or a mindfulness bottle.

They can be made using water bottles, glass jars, or other plastic crafting jars. I used VOSS bottles to make my calm down bottle. I found mine at Busch’s but you can also find them at Whole Foods, Target, Kroger, and various drug stores. If you plan ahead, the easiest place to find them is by ordering them through Amazon (linked here).

Watch a YOUTUBE tutorial by clicking here!

Materials Needed:

  • VOSS Water Bottle (or bottle/jar of choice)

  • Hot Water

  • Fine Glitter or Glitter Glue

  • Liquid Watercolor or Food Coloring

  • Mixing Bowl (with spout for pouring)

  • Whisk or Spoon (for mixing)

  • Liquid Glue (I used Elmer’s Liquid Glue)

  • Hot Glue


*Note: these measurements are for a 27 oz VOSS bottle. The general proportions are 25% glue, 75% water so depending on your jar, you may need to adjust the measurements accordingly. Good news is, no matter what jar you use, you can use as much glitter as your heart desires!

  1. First, if the bottle is full, empty the bottle or jar.

  2. Next, you will need glue, hot water, a mixing bowl, and the whisk/spoon. Pour 25% liquid glue in the mixing bowl and add 75% hot water.

  3. Add your desired amount of glitter and food coloring to the mixture.

  4. Vigorously mix the glue and the hot water together with the whisk/spoon.

  5. Immediately pour the glue/hot water mixture directly into the emptied VOSS water bottle.

  6. Put the lid on to test out your calm down bottle. Shake it to see if you have the desired consistency.

  7. If so, take off the lid to the VOSS bottle and let it cool.

  8. Once it is cooled, seal the lid shut with hot glue or super glue.

If you would like to see more of these steps in action, watch my tutorial on youtube by clicking here!

When students use the calm down battle, they shake it up, and watch the glitter settle back down to the bottom of the bottle. While they are watching the glitter, remind them to take deep breaths and focus on one positive thing every time they take a deep breath. If you’re looking for a tool to help students remember to deep breathe and think of positive things, check out my easy – prep product on Teachers Pay Teachers that you can easily include with your calm down bottle.

Get your mindfulness calming corner kit here!

Happy creating!



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