DONUT it get any better than donuts?

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Anything topped with frosting and sprinkles (literally) makes life THAT much sweeter - including goal setting with your students! The research behind goal-setting with our students is so strong that it is a must within our classroom walls. However, at times, it can feel mundane or impersonal. At the start of the new year, it is a great time for children to be encouraged to goal set on goals they want to reach. To make this fun, I am using this Donut Goal Setting resource. It will be the perfect tool of engagement for my students to plan and create new year goals.

This resource starts by including a donut goal setting paper where students can write about what their goal is for the new year. There is a variety of lines for students to choose from (dotted lines, dotted lines with prompt, singular lines, and singular lines with prompt).

This packet also includes half sheets of paper with the same prompt so that teachers can allow their students to write about their goals and have a donut above the half sheet (see example below). There are pre-made donuts that student could cut out, write their goals, color, and paste above the half-sheet of paper. These half sheets also include 4 variations of lines for students to choose from.

Students can make their donuts by assembling their own donut. Teachers would need to copy paper on colored card stock or allow students to color in their donuts, frosting, and sprinkles. Most importantly, students write the goals that they are setting on the sprinkles. After they have cut out the donut and frosting, students cut out their goal written sprinkles to put on top of their donuts. They will turn out something like the image below:

If students have a difficult time cutting and pasting, there is a pre-made donut that they can color and goal-set on. This allows everyone to participate in this activity. Furthermore, for all those early finishers, this packet includes New Years Goal sheets where students can write more about the goals they are setting for the New Year.

Lastly, this packet includes a bulletin board for you to use, as means of displaying your donut goals. There are 3 different versions of this donut bulletin board. I will be displaying the donuts my students create around the bulletin board shown below:

I will, of course, be bringing in donuts for my students to celebrate the fact that we are starting the year by setting goals with this activity! Grab this resource in my teachers pay teachers store. Happy goal setting with your students!! If you use this product, tag me @schoolwithjules on instagram or twitter so that I can share in your students learning with you!!

XO -J.

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