Christmas Tree Five Finger Retell

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

December, December... what a love/hate relationship I have with thee! December is, by far, one of my most favorite times of the year. I swear there is something in the air that makes everything magical. Sometimes I really wish I could grab some of that magic and sprinkle it over my classroom to help December go smoothly because, let's face it, December can be stressful!! All of a sudden we realize how little time there is to juggle lesson planning while baking cookies and making 15 trips to Target for all of your well thought out (and by that I mean last minute) gift shopping. It is HARD and we need each other to help make our lives easier this time of the year!

I'm here to help in, at least, one small way! This is the perfect holiday reading activity that can easily connect with any grade level curriculum. Your students will be able to practice retelling any story they read by using this holiday themed five finger retell. Follow these steps to using this product with your students (and grab this product here in my tpt store).

Start by gathering white, green, yellow, & other colored cardstock. My favorite cardstock to use is AstroBrights. I used the Neenah Paper Colored Cardstock in Vintage. I typically grab mine from Amazon and order it on Prime so two days later the Amazon fairies deliver it and *POOF* beautiful cardstock is at my front door! Get your cardstock by clicking here.

Cut out the tree, ornaments and star. If you want to add a tree skirt & other tree decorations, you can by printing those pages too! After cutting the tree, glue or tape it together to make a big evergreen!!

Next, read a story aloud and recall the five finger retell strategies. Grab this FIVE FINGER RETELL FREEBIE (click here for PDF) to help your students remember how to retell a story! As you read, make note of each aspect of t he story so that you can recall it after. I have included a graphic organizer to help students organize their thinking!

I copied the B-M-E ornaments on red paper and the characters and setting on blue paper. After reading the story, write down your retell information on these ornaments! Write down the title of the book on the trunk of the tree and the main idea on the star!

We have been studying Gingerbread stories so we used "Gingerbread Baby" by Jan Brett for our read aloud. You can find this read aloud here too:

Then, TA-DA!! Your Christmas tree five finger retell is complete! Have students share their trees with one another to practice verbally retelling the story too! You could also use the Seesaw app to record their thinking too!

If you use this product, follow me on my TPT store and tag me on instagram @schoolwithjules

Happy creating!

- Julia

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